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The Shine Protector

Exclusive anti-aging and anti-pollution sun protection & SkinCare system for beautiful summer skin

Ready for sublime summer skin? Give your skin the gift of a healthy dose of sunshine – and the exclusive Dr. Spiller SUMMER GLOW products. Our products provide the fi nest in sun care and protection: A highly effective anti-aging formula reduces skin damage caused by sun exposure such as dry skin, tiny wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. A special anti-pollution shield additionally wards off unwan-ted environmental pollutants. In combination with natural Thistle, Coconut, Amaranth Seed and Avocado Oil, the skin is deeply hydrated and lastingly nourished. For a supple, revitalized complexion and beautiful summer skin.



Innovative sunscreen with three-fold effect

At the heart of the Dr. Spiller SUMMER GLOW Line is a new type of UV protection technology. It not only provides serious UVA and UVB protection, but also shields the skin against the negative effects of infrared radiation. Three innovative compounds effectively combat damage such as premature skin aging.

1. Anti-UV-Stress Compound

Protects and repairs the skin: Actively helps prevent sun-related damage such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkling and dry skin.

2. Anti-Pollution Compound

Protects the skin against DNA damage: Powerfully counteracts oxidative stress caused by fi ne particulate matter and other types of pollution.

3. Protective Oil Compound

Prevents excess loss of moisture: Nourishing oils increase the skin’s moisture level and restore its natural radiance.

Combined with a soothing, anti-irritant formula of highly dosed Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Panthenol and Allantoin, these compounds are intensely regenerating. With these wonderfully effective, highly protective formulas, SUMMER GLOW helps maintain your skin’s youthful summer glow.

The effects of SUMMER GLOW product line:


· Complex sun protection

· Optimum anti-aging effect

· Comprehensive DNA protection

· Lasting skin-soothing effect

· Deep, complete hydration


SUMMER GLOW Sun Care – Highly effective protective formulas for a radiant complexion

SUMMER GLOW Sun Sensitive Serum SPF 30

Protective facial serum that complements your daily skin care

This elegant daily companion in a convenient airless dispenser is the highlight of the SUMMER GLOW Line. It keeps reliable sun protection at your fingertips. The refined texture of this exclusive serum can be easily combined with your regular day care regimen. Intensive, nano free SPF 30 UV protection reduces hyperpigmentation, wrinkling and dryness. In addition, Hyaluronic Acid ensures lasting hydration. The perfume-free serum is quickly absorbed and suitable for all skin types and for sensitive skin.



SUMMER GLOW Sun Sensitive Cream SPF 50

Strong protection for extremely sensitive skin areas

The lightweight, quickly absorbed texture ensures that the waterproof and nano free cream leaves the skin feeling silky. Perfect for the face and sensitive body areas, the emulsion provides triple protection against premature sun-related skin aging. A repairing protective formula with Anti-Pollution Compound counteracts the damaging effects of UV and infrared radiation. Lastingly helps prevent hyperpigmentation, wrinkling and dryness. Ideal for intense sun exposure and for fair, sensitive skin.



SUMMER GLOW Sun Sensitive Emulsion SPF 20
SUMMER GLOW Sun Sensitive Emulsion SPF 30

Lightweight, waterproof and nano free emulsion for the face and body

A sun care product that meets the highest quality standards and perfectly protects even sensitive skin. Both formulas are quickly absorbed and have an innovative three-fold effect to combat sun-related skin aging. In a highly effective combination with the newly developed Anti-Pollution Compound, it provides lasting protection against DNA damage caused by external factors such as oxidative stress.



SUMMER GLOW Body Care - Hydrating nourishing substances that regenerate your skin

SUMMER GLOW Maximum Moisture Hyaluronic Spray

Hydrating face and body spray

Freshness at your fingertips. The combination of deep-acting Hyaluronic Acid and Prickly Pear infuses your skin with a high dose of moisture. Lasting, intense hydration provides added elasticity and has a noticeable smoothing effect. At the same time, soothing Panthenol and Allantoin support the regenerative effects of Aloe Vera Extract.



SUMMER GLOW Refreshing Shower Gel

Refreshing, skin-soothing shower gel

Whether you use it before work or after sunbathing – this shower gel is unique. Its moisturizing formula makes it pleasantly revitalizing and calming. The skin-regenerating effect starts in the shower. A balanced combination of active ingredients with Allantoin and Panthenol quickly lets minor irritation fade away.



SUMMER GLOW Moisturizing Bodylotion

Lightweight, moisturizing body lotion

The calming effect of Panthenol and Allantoin makes the skin feel relaxed all around. The special nourishing formula with Prickly Pear Extract is balancing and prevents loss of moisture. Immediately after application, it lastingly hydrates the skin, perfectly protects and gently envelops it in a delicate fragrance.



10 clever tips for enjoyable sunbathing:


1. Slowly habituate your skin to the sun and avoid excess exposure for your skin type.

2. Always wear a hat that protects the forehead, the nose and the ears during prolonged sun exposure. UV-protective clothing is also advisable.

3. Avoid the particularly intense midday sun whenever possible.

4. Don’t forget that your skin is still exposed to damaging UV rays in the shade and that the reflective properties of water and sand increase the danger of sunburn.

5. Apply sunscreen evenly and generously, since using too little reduces the protective effect.

6. Reapply sunscreen after bathing or sweating.

7. Never expose children to direct sunshine and make sure to use sunscreen with a high SPF (over 25) and protective clothing.

8. Shield your eyes with sunglasses with a UVA and UVB filter.

9. Remember to use effective sunscreen even when the sky is cloudy.

10. Certain medications can increase the skin’s sensitivity or trigger allergic reactions when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you are unsure.




The future of sublime skin care

Sophisticated skin care combines far-sightedness with down impact. It requires comprehensive knowledge of the complex interaction between all biological functions. Dr. Spiller has researched the blueprint of the largest human organ, the skin, in all its facets in order to provide targeted support to its weakest points: Our revolutionary HYTEC process and specially developed compounds refine active ingredients into bioavailable active substances and integrate them seamlessly into the skin’s innate processes. This perfect simulation of natural mechanisms ultimately leads to ideal functioning of the skin. Dr. Spiller has developed an individualized solution for every skin problem based on this principle. Professional partner institutes provide highly personalized consultations ranging from advice on product selection to treatment.

Do you know you skin type?

In order to know which sun protection factor should be used, it is essential to know your own phototyp. In this overview we introduce the six known skin types.

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Sun Sensitive  Serum SPF 30

Sun Sensitive Serum SPF 30

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Content 50 ml
Sun Sensitive Cream SPF 50

Sun Sensitive Cream SPF 50

Sun Cream for face
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Content 50 ml
Sun Sensitive Emulsion SPF 30

Sun Sensitive Emulsion SPF 30

Sun Milk for face & body
Content: 150 ml
Content 150 ml
Sun Sensitive Emulsion SPF 20

Sun Sensitive Emulsion SPF 20

Sun Milk for face & body
Content: 150 ml
Content 150 ml
Maximum  Moisture Hyaluronic Spray

Maximum Moisture Hyaluronic Spray

Moisturizing Spray
Content: 100 ml
Content 100 ml
Refreshing Shower Gel

Refreshing Shower Gel

Shower Gel
Content: 200 ml
Content 200 ml
Moisturizing Bodylotion

Moisturizing Bodylotion

Content: 200 ml
Content 200 ml