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SENSICURA – For sensitive skin

The specialist for particularly sensitive skin

Dr. Spiller SENSICURA – The skin care system for difficult skin conditions

One wrong ingredient, the weather, emotional stress and illness. All of these can profoundly irritate sensitive skin, making the search for the right skin care a significant burden. Dr. Spiller SENSICURA is a desensitizing skin care system specifically designed for difficult skin conditions. It soothes and hydrates the skin with ingredients like Magnolia Bark Extract, Vitamin F Complex, Allantoin and Panthenol.

Sensitive skin is often highly sensitive to cold and warmth as well as to ingredients commonly found in skin care products. An impaired immune system and stressful situations can become a true burden when skin is already irritated. In many cases, the reason for this low tolerance is a damaged skin barrier. After all, the skin barrier is meant to protect the skin against external influences. With SENSICURA, Dr. Spiller has developed a line of skin care products that goes beyond pure skin care and provides solutions for skin situations that border on skin conditions.


Active ingredients for highly sensitive skin

Dr. Spiller SENSICURA is completely free of silicones, perfume oils and preservatives. It nourishes the skin with active ingredients that protect hypersensitive skin and help it regenerate.

· Magnolia Bark Extract was developed specifically to nourish and desensitize hypersensitive skin.

· • Vitamin F Complex is a precious source of Linoleic Acid. It enhances the density of the lipid barrier and protects the skin against loss of moisture, dryness and damaging influences. Irritated and dry skin areas become supple.

· Allantoin and Panthenol have wound-healing and regenerative properties. Both relieve irritation. In addition, Panthenol supports the skin’s regeneration process.


Dr. Spiller Special Offer – SENSICURA

High-dose SENSICURA Serum comes in a beautiful gift box. It has a lasting regenerating effect and is able to store moisture thanks to its Hyaluronic Acid content. SENSICURA Regeneration Cream stabilizes the natural protective barrier of the epidermis while also stimulating skin functions that strengthen the connective tissue with extremely well tolerated Repair Peptide. As a free gift, the set includes SENSICURA Eye Cream, which regenerates and deeply hydrates the sensitive eye area.

Gain an overview of the products for hypersensitive skin and take specialized products for sensitive skin home with you with the Dr. Spiller SENSICURA Line.

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