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Perfect Silhouette

Perfect Silhouette – Cellulite Body Care Set

Cellulite Body Care Set for a visibly firmer body

Cellulite is more than just a cosmetic issue. It is associated with a loss of function of the blood vessels, with reduced blood flow to affected areas. The enlargement of the adipocytes exerts pressure on the surrounding nerve fibers, which can increase sensitivity to pain. Nonetheless, in spite of a genetic predisposition, the severity and visibility of cellulite can be improved by diet, skin care and exercise.


The soft, milky Body Forming Lotion with its highly effective active ingredient cocktail of L-Carnitine, Caffeine and Butcher’s Broom, Brown Algae, Ivy and Wild Yam Extract has a mild drainage effect while also toning the blood vessels and enhancing fat metabolism. Body Slimming Gel intensely warms the skin. It boosts both the metabolism and the skin’s natural detoxification processes, improving the appearance of cellulite with regular use. The Massage and Peeling Glove perfectly rounds out the set and supports the skin’s microcirculation with daily use. Suggested use: Gently massage the skin with the glove in the morning. Then apply lotion. In the evening, massage the gel into the skin in a circular motion.

Perfect Silhouette-Set


· Body Forming Lotion 200 ml

· Body Slimming Gel 200 ml

· Massage and peeling glove

· beautiful gift packaging




Body Slimming Gel boosts circulation and helps rid the body of metabolic wastes. Body Firming Lotion with its fat-burning properties acts even more strongly on the classic signs of cellulite. In cases of pronounced cellulite, the combination of Body Slimming Gel (once daily) and Body Forming Lotion (once daily) has proven most successful. Treatments in your favorite beauty institute can exponentially increase the effect.

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