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Magic Moments by Dr. Spiller

Dr. Spiller Holiday Promotion 2018

Dr. Spiller Beauty Stars – for beautifully festive moments

The Dr. Spiller Holiday Promotion 2018 “MAGIC MOMENTS” brings to mind unforgettable experiences, precious moments and magical memories with luxurious gift sets, all lovingly curated and beautifully packaged.

Unique gifts for your loved ones

Every year is marked by new experiences and magical moments. To honor these MAGIC MOMENTS, Dr. Spiller has curated exclusive luxury gift sets that are sure to catch everyone’s eye under the Christmas tree with a captivating design and precious contents. We have the perfect gift to bring joy to everyone on your holiday list!



CELLTRESOR – The Beauty Safe for deep-acting skin rejuvenation

CELLTRESOR skin care products have won two awards for their deep-acting anti-aging effect. Penta Hyaluron Serum – a high-performing active ingredient concentrate – instantly smoothes and hydrates demanding, moisture-deficient skin. The exclusive serum contains short- and long-chain Hyaluronic Acids that both bind precious moisture in the skin and maintain it in the long term. They also penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin, filling moisture reserves to the brim and bolstering lines and wrinkles – for a fresh, plump complexion with an instant smoothing effect and long-term hydration. The Dr. Spiller Christmas Ornament – a classic and by now a collectors' item – contains:





  • Penta Hyaluron Serum 15 ml
  • Christmas Ornament
  • Gift Box





Ampoule Set – the intensive treatment for a radiantly fresh complexion

A luxurious 4-week intensive treatment with 28 coordinated ampoules for a perfect complexion:

  • Week 1 – Regeneration: Vitamin A Ampoules refine the complexion and support skin renewal processes. With Aloe Vera Leaf Juice to soothe irritated skin.
  • Week 2 – Pure Moisture: Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules bolster the skin from the inside out and have an instantly smoothing long-term hydration effect.
  • Week 3 – Revitalization: Sanvita Ampoules invigorate fatigued skin with Green Tea, Pomegranate and Ginseng. This combination also protects against negative environmental factors.
  • Week 4 – Restructure: Collagen Ampoules are deeply hydrating and fortify the collagen network – for smooth, remodeled skin with enhanced tone.


Skin Renewal-Set



Ampoule Set „Skin Renewal“:

  • 7x Vitamin A Ampoules (3 ml)
  • 7x Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules (3 ml)
  • 7x Sanvita Ampoules (3 ml)
  • 7x Collagen Ampoules (3 ml)
  • Lavish Gift Box





Soothing Face Care Set with Aloe Vera and Azulene

Demanding skin that is easily irritated experiences relaxation, nourishment and protection in one complete package with the “Soothing Stars” skin care ritual. Consisting of five coordinated products, the set provides a complete pampering program for stressed skin that provides everything from mild cleansing to daily skin care, mask and ampoule treatments. Delicate Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Milk with Aloe Vera Leaf Juice thoroughly removes any debris and is particularly gentle on the skin, while Sensitive Toner with Aloe refreshes and calms the skin after cleansing. Azulen Cream – enriched with Urea, Bisabolol and Grapeseed Oil – provides lasting hydration, smoothes the skin and has an antioxidant effect. The Azulen Cream Mask provides a quick time-out from everyday stresses. Enriched with Avocado Oil and Allantoin, it delivers soothing relief and calms irritated skin. The Aloe Vera Skin Lift Ampoule – as a final highlight – creates an instant lifting effect for improved tone and a youthful appearance. This comprehensive gift box contains:


Soothing Stars-Set



Facial Care Set “Soothing Stars”

  • Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Milk 100 ml
  • Sensitive Toner with Aloe 100 ml
  • Azulen Cream 50 ml
  • Azulen Cream Mask 50 ml
  • Aloe Vera Skin Lift Ampoule 3 ml
  • Exclusive Gift Box



All-around skin care set for a radiant eye area

“Beautiful Eyes” – the ultimate eye care set – provides a perfect pampering program for the delicate skin of the eye area. With its 2-phase system, Eye Make-up Remover dissolves even waterproof make-up while Panthenol soothes irritated eyes. Aloe Vera Eye Repair Ampoules are an absolute must-have for those with an extra-sensitive eye area. The highly effective combination of active ingredients with Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid provides the skin with key nutrients, is deeply hydrating and visibly improves skin elasticity. Applied daily, Eye Contour Cream with regenerating Vitamin A supports natural skin functions and provides targeted protection against prevent premature wrinkling with antioxidant Vitamin E. The addition of Almond Oil ensures a supple, smooth eye area. The set contains:


Beautiful Eyes-Set



Eye Care Set “Beautiful Eyes”:

  • Eye Make-up Remover 60 ml
  • Aloe Vera Eye Repair Ampoule 5 ml
  • Eye Contour Cream 20 ml
  • Gift Box





ICECREAM – Protection on cold winter days


Winter – the cold months of the year can quickly wreak havoc on the skin. The constant change between icy cold weather and dry, heated indoor air damages the skin barrier and impairs the skin’s self-protection. Versatile ICECREAM preserves precious moisture and restores balance to the skin. The optimized formulation with Vitamin D SkinActivator boosts the production of Vitamin D in the skin to firm the skin structure and fortify the protective barrier. Grapeseed Oil – one of the most effective antioxidants – shields against negative environmental factors while also deeply hydrating the skin. The Panthenol content soothes stressed skin so it can quickly regenerate, while Almond Oil leaves the skin feeling supple and soft. ICECREAM in the 100 ml maxi size is the perfect skincare solution for the entire family, so that everyone is ready for the next snowball fight.



MÁGICO – Skin Care with the refreshing allure of the Amazon

A unique combination of plant-based vital ingredients whisks body and soul away into the fabulous world of the Amazon. Exotic Açaí Berry, rich Cupuaçu Butter and Brazilian Mimosa have an antioxidant effect, nourish lipid-deficient skin and are deeply hydrating. MÁGICO Shower Gel provides a refreshing start into the day, while MÁGICO Body Lotion subsequently replenishes moisture reserves in the skin, leaving it feeling silky and soft. The perfect companion on the go is MÁGICO Hand Cream. It infuses stressed hands with beneficial moisture, provides lasting protection and combats the first signs of aging with added Vitamin E. The convenient set contains:






  • MÁGICO Shower Gel 200 ml
  • MÁGICO Body Lotion 200 ml
  • MÁGICO Hand Cream 75 ml
  • Transparent Bag





Powerful all-around Face Care Set for Men

The men’s skin care line MANAGE YOUR SKIN® combines the strengths of plant-based active ingredients with high-tech research “made in Germany”. Every product in this line is based on patented GLYCAMON® Compound, which uses the power of three highly effective plant-based ingredients to effectively relieve irritation, deeply hydrate and visibly delay skin aging. Refreshing Facial Cleanser thoroughly cleanses and refreshes the skin. Calming After Shave Balsam perfectly soothes the skin after the morning shave and provides lasting hydration. Next, Hyaluronic Power Serum infuses the skin with an extra dose of moisture with its Hyaluronic Acid content. Even skin that is deficient in lipids becomes deeply and lastingly hydrated. Activating Age Repair Complex is the perfect addition. This concentrated cream firms facial features with anti-aging ingredients and supplies new energy. Finally, Effective Eye Contour Serum ensures an alert gaze. With highly effective Triple Eyective Compound, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid, it reduces undereye circles, quickly relieves swelling and visibly smoothes wrinkles. The exclusive Face Care Set contains:


Pure Performance-Set



Men’s Face Care Set “Pure Performance”:

  • Refreshing Facial Cleanser 50 ml
  • Calming After Shave Balsam 30 ml
  • Activating Age Repair Complex 30 ml
  • Hyaluronic Power Serum 10 ml
  • Effective Eye Contour Serum 5 ml
  • Gift Box


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