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Hydro-Marin® Ocean SkinCare Travel Set

Hydro-Marin® Travel-Sized Facial Skin Care Set


The concentrated power of the sea for a clear complexion! The power of the ocean not only brings out the feeling of being on vacation, but is also the perfect secret weapon in terms of skincare. The wonderful qualities of the precious minerals and trace elements deeply hydrate and support the skin while detoxifying - for a detox effect that starts on the inside.

We all know the feeling: After a few days by the sea, the skin appears purified, clarified and more radiant. This is no accident, because the concentrated power of the seas provides precious marine active ingredients that have a variety of positive effects on skin metabolism and the complexion. The Hydro-Marin® Travel Set combines the concentrated power of the sea and provides hydrating all-around skin care with an added detoxifying effect.


Hydro-Marin® Ocean Skincare Reise-Set


Powerful active ingredients from the ocean for a crystal-clear complexion

The delicate, airy Hydro-Marin® Cleansing Foam deeply cleanses the pores, frees the skin from dirt and debris and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft. Next, the refreshing facial toner Hydro-Marin® Freshener gently removes dead skin cells and perfectly prepares the skin for subsequent skin care. Hydro-Marin® Elixir provides deep hydration. Precious extracts of Caviar, Pearls and Gorgonias as well as highly effective Hyaluronic Acid noticeably hydrate and smooth the skin. Hydro-Marin® Cream enhances the power of the elixir and additionally stimulates skin metabolism, activates the skin’s own detoxification processes and clarifies from the inside out. Finally, the Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen in Aloe Vera Eye Repair Ampoule fortifies the connective tissue and improves elasticity in the delicate eye area.


Hydro-Marin® Ocean Skincare Reise-Set


Hydro-Marin® Travel Set


  • Hydro-Marin® Cleansing Foam 50 ml
  • Hydro-Marin® Freshener 100 ml
  • Hydro-Marin® Cream 30 ml
  • Hydro-Marin® Elixir 10 ml
  • Aloe Vera Eye Repair Ampoule 5 ml
  • Includes cosmetics bag 



Hydro-Marin® Ocean Skincare Reise-Set


3 Beauty applications with sea salt for every day!


  • Peeling: With its coarse texture, Sea Salt is perfect for exfoliating the skin of the body. It cleanses the skin of dead skin cells and restores the skin’s smoothness and radiance. Remember to deeply moisturize the skin after exfoliation!
  • Mouthwash: The disinfecting properties of salt are highly effective at preventing gum disease and even help prevent bad breath. Tip: Briefly rinse the mouth with the saline solution after brushing teeth in the morning and evening.
  • Dandruff protection: Sea Salt is also a proven home remedy for hair care. A brief scalp massage boosts metabolism and the salt’s antibacterial properties lastingly help prevent dandruff.


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Hydro-Marin® Set

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