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Glow Reactivators Set


Fruit Acid for renewed radiance! The colder the temperatures and the shorter the days, the more quickly the skin loses its summery glow. During the winter months, the right skincare regimen is essential in order to restore the skin’s fresh radiance.

Summer is over and a greyish pallor begins to cover up that radiant summer complexion. The change in temperature affects not only our mood, but also negatively impacts skin metabolism. Fruit Acid, Kaolin Clay and precious plant-based enzymes boost renewal processes, balance the skin and restore a fresh, radiant glow to the complexion, even while the days are short and sunlight is in short supply.

Glow Reactivators Set


Fruit acid and plant-based enzymes for newfound radiance

AHA Gingkosome Gel refreshes the complexion with fruit acid to boost skin metabolism, support cell division and enhance collagen formation. It refines the pores and gives the complexion a fresh, firm and more even appearance. Enzyme Peeling Mask is a mild treatment with a deep-acting effect. Plant-based enzymes promote the natural process of exfoliation and accelerate skin renewal. Used 1-2x per week, it also perfectly prepares the skin for subsequent skin care. Specifically for combination skin, Terra California Clay Mask, used 1-2x per week, provides in-depth cleansing. It absorbs excess sebum and restores balance to the skin, for a crystal-clear, radiant complexion.

Glow Reactivators-Set

  • Enzyme Peeling Mask 60 g
  • AHA Ginkgosome Gel 50 ml
  • Terra California Clay Mask 50 ml
  • Exclusive gift box


Glow Reactivators Produkte

5 tips for improved glow!


  • A balanced diet is essential. Precious nutrients and antioxidants contained in fruit and vegetables infuse the skin with precious vitamins and protect the cells against free radicals. Give your skin a boost with these power foods: blueberries, nuts, broccoli and citrus fruit.
  • Sufficient hydration: Drinking at least 2 liters of water every day optimizes metabolic processes, improves circulation and fortifies the skin’s protective functions. Infusing water with berries, citrus or slices of cucumber gives the skin an extra vitamin boost.
  • Peelings, whether enzyme-based or mechanical, free the skin from dead skin cells and support skin regeneration. They gently smooth the complexion, instantly revealing fresh, radiant skin.
  • In winter, nothing feels better than a long, hot shower. Unfortunately, our skin does not agree: Overly hot water destroys the skin’s lipid film and can lead to irritation and loss of moisture. A lukewarm shower is better for the skin, and following your shower with a hydrating skincare regimen imperative.
  • Skin renewal processes are hard at work while we sleep. When we lack sleep, the skin does not have enough time to regenerate. This leads to a dull, pallid complexion. It is advisable to go to bed early and give the skin enough time to regenerate.

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