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Anti-Aging and Anti-Pollution

Anti-Pollution-Set consisting of Cellular Day Cream
and Cellular Ampoules.


When oxidative stress becomes a permanent condition, the skin suffers, since these highly reactive molecules inhibit all cell-related skin processes.

When the skin barrier becomes porous, pollutants can easily penetrate, impair the function of skin cells and permanently damage the DNA. The daily strain caused by ozone, pollution as well as UV and IR radiation leads to premature skin aging in the long term, also referred to as “atmospheric skin aging”. This strain impacts the appearance of our skin and becomes visible in various ways ranging from chronic inflammation, micro-inflammation, redness, hyperpigmentation, collagen degradation and wrinkles, as well as brittle, dull hair. The complexion appears rough, pale, fatigued, stressed and listless. The skin becomes thin and deep wrinkles develop that differ from those related to natural, chronological skin aging.


A skin shield made of powerful plant-based ingredients for a beautiful complexion

Environmental stressors like particulate matter and other pollutants as well as free radicals can accelerate the skin’s natural aging process. The luxurious Cellular Line provides daily protection: A powerful combination of Apple Extracts, Grenoble Walnut and Cell Boost Extract made of algae proteins has a long-term moisturizing effect, improves elasticity, counteracts wrinkles and has a comprehensive anti-pollution effect that protects the skin against damaging external influences. Cellular Day Cream is enriched with the finest oils that restore the natural balance of the skin’s lipid metabolism and nourish the skin, making it soft and supple. The highly concentrated Cellular Ampoules, used as an intensive treatment, perfectly complement this plant-based power package by intensifying the hydrating, smoothing and protecting effect.



· 1x Cellular Day Cream 50 ml

· 7x Cellular Ampoules 3 ml each with ampoule opener

· Luxurious limited-edition gift box included!



Anti-Pollution measures


· Provide effective protection against negative external influences.

· Build up the acid mantle as the first pollution barrier. This super-fine biofilm can fend off even the tiniest intruders and is considered the first line of defense against unwanted external stressors.

· Strengthen the skin barrier as a second line of defense to prevent negative impact on the skin.

· Antioxidants such as vitamins and polyphenols strengthen the immune system. The body’s defenses can use these radical-binding agents to eliminate dangerous radicals and protect the skin cells. A balanced diet supports this process from the inside and is highly recommended.

· Neutralize free radicals and activate cell synthesis with the appropriate skin care regimen.

· Remove skin deposits every day using cleansing products suitable for the skin type and condition.



Skin type-specific Cleansing

It is common knowledge that proper cleansing is the key to a daily skin care regimen. Cleansing is the foundation of targeted skin care and a key component of any successful anti-pollution strategy. Unwanted skin residue clogs the pores, causes blemishes, makes the complexion appear pallid and gray and also contributes to wrinkles. All these skin stressors must be removed before bedtime in order to allow the skin to rest and regenerate over night. Skin type-specific cleansing and toning is crucial, because the wrong – or aggressive – cleansing products can further stress the skin’s acid mantle. After appropriate skin cleansing, skin care products such as serums, concentrates, masks and creams can more effectively support cell activation, fortify the skin barrier and rebuild the acid mantle.

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