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Breath - Free like the Wind

The Detoxifying Ampoule
The perfect support to detoxify the skin and remove its gray pallor. Also ideal for combating whiteheads.
  Based on Hyaluronic Acid Detoxifying effect... more
Product information

Based on Hyaluronic Adic

Based on Hyaluronic Acid

Entgiftet durch Detox-Effekt

Detoxifying effect

Verfeinert die Poren

Refines the pores

  • Cleanses and clarifies the skin
  • Reduces whiteheads
  • Refines the complexion
  • Enhances the skin’s vitality
  • This results in a fresh complexion and a clarified, firm texture

Detoxifies & clarifies - for a flawless complexion

Just like the environment has to deal with stressors, so does our skin. It is increasingly difficult for the skin to fully perform necessary detoxification processes. Toxins are excreted through the skin by means of complex metabolic processes and are part of the hydrolipid film. If too many toxins form, these are deposited in the skin. The skin can no longer regenerate sufficiently, loses firmness and is increasingly prone to impurities and whiteheads. This leads to a pallid, gray complexion. The Detoxifying Ampoule provides the best possible support to optimize natural detoxification processes.
Essential amino acids detoxify the skin tissue and effectively counteract oxidative stress. Microscopic stress protection molecules shield the cells against environmental stressors. Ginseng and Horsetail Extract refine the complexion and ensure a fresh complexion. The highly concentrated active ingredients are embedded into a moisturizing base with Hyaluronic Acid as the main ingredient. This base acts as a carrier system that transports exquisite ingredients deeply into the skin where they can fully unfold their maximum power. Perfume-free.

Freedom in it´s purest form

Places of untouched, pure and pristine nature are rare on today’s earth. Just like the environment has to deal with stressors, so does our skin. Help the skin and liberate it from everything that weighs it down with FREE LIKE THE WIND. This ampoule allows the skin to breathe again. Give it the sensation of unending lightness and weightlessness.

Active Ingredients

Ectoin, Sea Salt Concentrate, Essential Amino Acids, Ginseng Extract, Horsetail, Hamamelis, Yarrow

Category: Face
Product category: Ampoules
Skin care need: Even texture, Regulating, Vitalizing & Activating, Detoxifying
  • Shake ampoule and break open at the ring area using the ampoule opener (included) or a tissue. Apply the entire contents to face, neck and décolleté and work into the skin.
    For external use only!

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