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Anti-Pollution-Set consisting of Cellular Day Cream and Cellular Ampoules. Moisture regeneration with anti-pollution effect!
Environmental stressors such as particulate matter and other pollutants as well as free radicals... more
Product information

Environmental stressors such as particulate matter and other pollutants as well as free radicals can accelerate the skin’s natural aging process. The luxurious Cellular Line provides daily protection: A powerful combination of Apple Extracts, Grenoble Walnut and Cell Boost Extract made of algae proteins has a long-term moisturizing effect, improves elasticity, counteracts wrinkles and has a comprehensive anti-pollution effect that protects the skin against damaging external influences. Cellular Day Cream is enriched with the finest oils that restore the natural balance of the skin’s lipid metabolism, making the skin soft and supple. The highly concentrated Cellular Ampoules, used as an intensive treatment, perfectly complement this plant-based power package by further intensifying the hydrating, smoothing and protecting effect.


  • 1x Cellular Day Cream 50 ml
  • 7x Cellular Ampoules 3 ml each with ampoule opener
  • Luxurious limited-edition gift box included!
Specials: Monthly Special Offer
  • Apply content of one ampoule to face, neck and décolleté in the morning after cleansing. Break open the ampoule at the ring area using the ampoule opener, empty content into the palm of the hand and gently massage into the skin. Then apply Cellular Day Cream.

  • Cellular Day Cream

    Cellular Day Cream

    Day cream
    Content: 50 ml
    Content 50 ml
    Cellular Ampoules

    Cellular Ampoules

    Active ingredient concentrate
    Content: 7 x 3,0 ml
    Content 7 Piece